About Sundus


Direct Hire


SUNDUS will identify, select and place potential candidates that match the client’s job description and culture. The client will benefit from SUNDUS’s access to thousands of CV’s via its database and its subscription to many jobsites both in the region and international and its many years of experience in recruitment. This service includes ‘head hunting’ within the Middle East and abroad. Should candidates not perform as required within the first three months; SUNDUS will replace them at no cost. SUNDUS can perform assessments as per client requirements.


Contract Hire


SUNDUS takes responsibility for providing local sponsorship and labour contracts to candidates selected on a contract hire basis for twelve (12) months or more. The contract hire shall be outsourced to the client as SUNDUS has the legal right to do so via its ‘Trade License’.


Benefits of contract hire for clients:

  • Lower  administrative costs (HR and finance related-costs)

  • Ability to hire for positions not on the organizational chart without the delay of organizational re-structuring approvals

  • For government or semi-government entities: benefit from the Ministry of Labour regulations that apply to the private sector (SUNDUS) which will ensure the rights of both Client (Employer) and Candidate (Employee)

  • Avoid the arduous governmental recruitment process


Temporary Contract


SUNDUS will take responsibility for providing labour contracts to candidates selected on a Temporary Contract Hire basis for less than twelve (12) months. The temporary hire shall be outsourced to the client. Temporary hires are normally required by clients for short-term projects and/or administrative work that require an extra helping hand, or when the client’s employees are on vacation or in group trainings. SUNDUS has a pool of pre-qualified temporary hires ready to start immediately.


Testing and Evaluation


Administrative, Clerical and Office Skills Testing and Assessment (Online)

  • Typing and data entry speed

  • Business English to evaluate spelling, grammar and vocabulary skills

  • Business Arabic to evaluate spelling, grammar and vocabulary skill

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook to assess operating skills



  • Assessing and appraising people are highly complex and subjective processes, and psychometric tests are a good way of objectively assessing people's ‘hidden’ traits.

  • Psychometric Assessment Instruments are used to support managers in their decision-making processes by providing additional objective information on candidate/employees personalities, abilities and aptitude for further development and career planning.

  • From recruitment to long-term career development, these tests provide a great deal of reliable information to make important personnel decisions.