Emiratisation & Executive Search

2013 - The Year of Emiratisation
Following a directive from the Government of the United Arab Emirates to make 2013 ‘The Year of Emiratisation’, SUNDUS Recruitment Services, under the direction of the SUNDUS Board of Directors setup SUNDUS Emiratisation and Executive Search department to focus on Emiratisation and the hiring of senior executives.
The department’s aim is to connect talent to employers. An executive search service is differs from a recruitment agency service in that it is not about mass collection and distribution of CVs for client review but  field search, negotiation and confidentiality in order to ensure that talent acquisition is achieved in the most professional manner that safeguards the interests of all parties.


The More the Options the Better the Decisions
Many highly qualified Emirati executives find it unacceptable to publicly express interest in changing positions. One option for them to contemplate this change is to engage a reputable, trust-worthy local executive consultant to act on their behalf to liaise with a potential new employer.  Many employers depend greatly on ‘word of mouth’ to hire an executive and by so doing, opportunities to access a greater pool of highly qualified and professional candidates are lost. A pro-active consultant will have developed relationships with both potential employers and candidates and will act as a conduit to facilitate a change.


Once a positive outcome is achieved the process of sensitive negotiation regarding grade, salary and benefits can be managed by the consultant on behalf of the candidate ensuring a streamlined and successful recruitment.

The Department’s Vision, Mission and Values
SUNDUS’s vision is to be a key player in the  recruitment of UAE nationals and senior expat executives for our clients in the government, semi-government and private sectors in the United Arab Emirates in the 2013 year.

As an Emirati company and drawing on our 15 years’ experience in recruitment, our mission is to understand the organisational culture of our client’s company, search for and meet qualified candidates, exchange information with maximum confidentiality to facilitate the selection of the most qualified candidates and achieve a successful outcome for both client and candidate.

SUNDUS is committed to total ‘Confidentiality of Information’ and will protect the interests of the client and the information of the candidates by only using CVs for the purpose for which they were intended i.e. recruitment relative to an agreed position.

SUNDUS guarantees total compliance with the laws of UAE (including Labour Law) and charges only its clients for Executive Search services; SUNDUS does not charge.


Why Use Us?
The importance of the HR function in today’s world is growing exponentially and it has become integral to any organisation’s success. SUNDUS has expertise in all areas of the HR function. Strategic HR management is about attributing maximum effort to:

Recruiting - strategic leaders understand that employees are their greatest asset and hence the importance of sourcing and recruiting the most suitable candidates who will add value to the company.

Training - staff education and development is integral to improving efficiency and being competitive in the tough global market.
Retention – retaining talented employees by providing excellent employee relations, career progression, incentives and motivation.


We don’t have CVs we have Executive profiles.

Why should SUNDUS Executive Search become your strategic partner?

Because SUNDUS has 15 years’ experience in recruitment with a proven track record of success with well-known clients such as ADNOC group of companies, Government of Abu Dhabi entities, and semi-government and private companies.
Because we do this every day, we have a lot of information about the internal recruitment market such as information on reputable and suitable candidates for your organisation. We don’t just have CVs we have executive profiles.
This service will help clients cut costs and reduce time spent on the recruitment process, allowing more time to focus on other strategic functions such as training and retention.

SUNDUS Emiratisation and Executive Search Career Counselling Services.

In a very tough job market, executives must seek to leverage their professional profiles by working with a qualified human resources consultant to identify points of strength, capture experience and  present those strengths and achievements in a professional manner.   

SUNDUS offers career-development counselling for executives including:

+        Professional profile writing (CV writing)

+        Training sessions on interview and self-presentation skills

+        Short and long-term career development planning

+        Business etiquette.